Our Design Process

The Beacon Home Design process consists of three steps. Add more to this introductory paragraph to say how easy it is to work with you.  Add more to this introductory paragraph to say how easy it is to work with you.  Add more to this introductory paragraph to say how easy it is to work with you.  

What's Included

first step

Initial Design Meeting

This meeting is to gather as much information on the project and to determine your individual needs and ideas for your new home.

second step

Preliminary Design Stage

Conceptual floor plans and elevations of all sides are generated based on your ideas. The purpose of this stage is to determine room sizes, room orientation, and visual representation of the exterior of the home.

third step

Final Design Stage

Once you are happy with your floor plans and elevations, then all the structural details, cross-sections, and final notes are applied to the house plans preparing them for construction drawings

  • Foundation Plan: Foundation layout is a fully dimensioned and noted plan, including references to footings, slabs, posts, and support walls. Basement plans come with a floor framing layout which may be included in this section or the floor framing section, depending on the plan. You can expect foundation plans to be drawn at a 1/4” scale.

  • Floor Plan: A floor plan layout is an overhead view of each floor of the completed house. Dimensions are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes. You'll also see on the floor plan locations of doors and windows. Other elements called out may include stairways, railings, fireplaces, ceiling heights, plumbing fixture locations, cabinet and island layouts, coffered ceiling details, and keynotes specifying any special design features throughout the house. Typically, this section also includes the square footage information. You can expect floor plans to be drawn at a 1/4” scale.

  • Exterior Elevations: Exterior elevations are a non-perspective (two-dimensional) view of the home. These drawings show how the finished home will approximately look. Plans include front, rear, and both side elevations. Exterior materials, details, roof pitch, and heights are noted on these drawings. You can expect elevations to be drawn at a 1/4” scale.

  • Cross Sections and Details: Cross-sections or details will explain certain special conditions more appropriately. A cross-section is basically a view of the home if it were sliced down the center. This allows you to view the home from the side and show how the foundation, slab, walls, trusses, roof overhangs & pitches, parapets, insulation, posts & pillars, doorways, stairs, windows, and changes in floor and ceiling heights relate to each other. You can expect cross-sections to be drawn at a 1/4” scale.

Sample Design Plans

sample design plan foundation
sample design plan first floor
sample design plan second floor
sample design plan front elevation
sample design plan rear elevation
sample design plan left elevation
sample design plan right elevation
sample design plan cross section 1
sample design plan cross section 2
sample design plan cross section 3

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